Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The LashLiner System safe and latex free?
    • Yes! The LashLiner System is totally safe and latex free. We use only FDA approved cosmetic ingredients in both our lashes and eyeliner.


  • How long do the lashes last?
    • LashLiner Lashes last for over 30 wears with normal use! We have had pairs taken off and put back on over 100 times without any damage!


  • Do I need to wear mascara?
    • You don't need to wear mascara to wear the LashLiner Lashes or keep them on. However, we suggest that you put a layer of mascara on your natural lashes prior to putting on your LashLiner Lashes. Although it is not needed it does look nice because it blends the color of your natural lashes to the color of the LashLiner Lashes. We do not recommend that you put mascara on the LashLiner Lashes.


  • How do I remove the LashLiner Eyeliner?
    • LashLiner Eyeliner is water proof and smudge proof but comes off easily with oil based eye makeup remover. Just wipe with eye makeup remover and LashLiner Eyeliner will come off easily.


  • Are the LashLiner Lashes Washable?
    • You do not need to wash your LashLiner Lashes because they will not have glue or mascara on them. However, if you do find that you need to wash them they can be gently cleaned with non-oily eye makeup remover.
  • Can I use your product if I have alopecia or hair loss due to medical conditions or treatments like chemotherapy?
    • We are very excited that The LashLiner System may be perfect for people with hair loss! We believe that our product is well suited and safe. We have not done specific testing here (we will do that soon) but we can't see any reason that it wouldn't work wonderfully! It will not smudge, run or flake and will not irritate eyes. It does not depend on the natural lashes to hold on the magnetic lashes or to keep traditional glue from getting in the eyes!


  • Will The LashLiner System damage my natural lashes?
    • No, the LashLiner system has no contact with your natural lashes so it will not damage them in any way.


  • Can I swim with the LashLiner Lashes on?
    • You can't swim with them on but you can take them off and put them back on as soon as you get out of the water. It literally takes only a second to re-apply them. The eyeliner won't move, streak or fade at all.
    • I've heard of magnetic lashes before. How is The LashLiner Systemdifferent?
      • Other magnetic lashes in the market consist of two magnetic lashes which clamp together over your natural lashes. That's 3 rows of lashes for each eye! With The LashLiner System, the eyeliner itself is magnetic, and a single upper lash adheres to the liner magnetically! Unlike other lashes on the market, The LashLiner System is quick, easy and comfortable.