Attaching Lashes to LashLiner Magnetic Eyeliner

  1. Apply LashLiner Magnetic Eyeliner as you would normally apply your eyeliner. 
  2. Add a 2nd coat. This is an important step!
  3. Wait about a minute for LashLiner Magnetic Eyeliner to become tacky, but not wet.
  4. Starting with the inner corner, gently hold Lashes to eye. Lash will "jump" to the magnetic liner. Place the rest of the lash on liner.
  5. When you are happy with placement lightly press lash down to set it.

Removing LashLiner Lashes

  1. Gently pull lashes off
  2. Remove any remaining glue or makeup from lashes with our The Eraser eyeliner remover or other non oily makeup remover two phase works best.
  3. Store for future use in carrying case.