How to Apply Your Magnetic Eyeliner

1. Stir Magnetic Eyeliner with wand before use.
2. Apply Magnetic Eyeliner as you normally would or on top of your favorite eyeliner.
3. Let dry for one to two minutes. Lashes will not stick to wet liner.
4. Repeat! This is important to have enough magnetism.
5. Hold the lash with the inner corner magnets against the eyeliner then place the rest of the lash down.
6. When happy with placement lightly press lashes to set. When set, lashes are not as movable and you may need to touch up your liner if taken off and on.

Magnets should be cleaned between uses.

How to Use Lash Anchors

After applying lashes, hold the anchor under your natural lash, and apply to lash magnets. It will snap into place to create an extra secure hold.

Use two anchors, one each for the inner and the outer corners. You can also use Magnetic Eyeliner to secure store bought magnetic lashes. Just follow the directions above.


If your lashes aren’t adhering to the liner there some common reasons. Here’s how to solve them!
1. Stir the liner with the wand prior to use.
2. The liner was wet when you applied the lashes. The liner needs to be dry to the touch when you apply it. It's not a lash glue so it won't adhere when wet.
3. You need more liner. You need to use 2 coats but sometimes people use extremely thin coats. If it's not working add another coat or two and allow it to dry before putting on the lash. You can also add an extra little bit at the corners.
4. The magnets are dirty. Be sure to clean them off between applications. Do not wet or soak the lashes themselves. That will cause damage to the lashes.
5. The lashes are too long for your eyes. You can trim as many magnets of as you’d like to create a perfect fit. You can also cut a 9-5 lash in half to create 2 sets of accent lashes!
6. Not staying in the corner? If you are prone to moister skin or wear them in difficult conditions, like a lot of wind or moist weather. Be sure to try the anchors, they are awesome! We include 8 anchors that you can use in the corners to make sure your lashes stay secure.


Magnetic Lashes and Magnetic Eyeliner have not been studied for use with an MRI machine. Do not wear magnetic lashes or liner in or near an MRI machine.