How Is The LashLiner System™ Different?

Quick, Easy, Beautiful.....

The LashLiner System is a magnetic eyeliner and false eyelash system that lets you have beautiful eyelashes quickly, easily and painlessly.

Most women would love to wear false eyelashes but cannot because they are incredibly difficult to put on and can be uncomfortable. The new magnetic lashes aren't any better. LashLiner has solved that problem!

LashLiner is SAFE and adhesive-free - No more gluing your eyes shut!


LashLiner is EASY and can be put on with one hand - No special skills or makeup artist needed


LashLiner is FAST - No more frustration and multiple attempts at putting on lashes


LashLiner is STRONG - it holds but can be easily repositioned


LashLiner is COMFORTABLE - No more seeing magnets or having sagging lashes below your lash line


Most importantly, LashLiner makes your lashes look BEAUTIFUL!