The LashLiner Story

From Frustration To Love...

I was so excited to try on the new magnetic lashes. I really wanted to love them. I was so eager to try them that I sat in my car, outside the store and tried them on. They were awful. They were extremely difficult to put on, so much so that I never really succeeded. They slid down, they stuck out on the corners, they jumped around when I tried to connect them and they were so bulky that I could clearly see them in my field of view.

I was extremely disappointed. It suddenly struck me that false eyelashes that were attached to magnetic eyeliner would be so much better. But there was no such thing as magnetic eyeliner. Then I realized that I could probably invent it myself. I immediately went home, started researching and bought everything I thought I needed. A few days later I made my first prototype. It worked but wasn't strong enough. After a lot of trial and error and working with different materials and magnets I came up with an amazing and strong product that I'm in love with. I hope you love it as much as I do!